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About Wayscholar

About Us

Who are we?

PhD aspirants seeking research counselling can use the services of Wayscholar, a reputable provider of PhD research guidance. Since we started, we have helped more than 1000 PhD scholars and gained their trust. Behind these figures is our renowned, skilled consultation method, which we take very seriously. We support PhD scholars at every stage of their research, from proposal preparation, data collecting, and analysis, implementation of methodology to the publication of research papers.

Our Beginning

Wayscholar is developed as a specialised private research centre, which has been into research and content solutions since 2019. Ever since its inception, it has been associated with reputed companies and universities around the globe. Our aim is to ensure that we not only provide unmatched solutions and services, but also make our solutions comprehensive and contemporary. Our collaborative platform at Wayscholar makes sure that the outcome of our guidance surpasses the expectations of our clients. On our platform, clients may not only share their research issues, but may also provide feedback and stay updated on their work 24x7.

Our Team

To advance their academic careers, researchers use Wayscholar to get assistance and present themselves in the best possible light. We achieve this by offering top-notch services throughout the entire research processes. Our team guarantees originality and creativity in all areas of study, including topic selection, academic writing, and error-free thesis editing, in order to fulfil this goal. While assisting students in writing their proposals, theses, and research papers, our qualified team of writers and editors can ensure that they adhere to the linguistic styles and formatting guidelines that have been specified by the university.

Our team is linguistically fluent and skilled in a variety of academic study subjects and research disciplines. As a result, they are able to mentor students in practically every subject. Our advisors are always available to provide prompt assistance, whether you require immediate assistance preparing your documents or want step-by-step direction for research implementation and performance analysis. In fact, if you have trouble managing various activities while conducting your research, we also give you the option of hiring a research assistant. With our specialised assistance, you might be able to surpass your own goals for your research, especially research objectives and in addressing the research gaps.

Our Team

How do we help?

Topic selection

Topic selection

The first stage in a research project is topic selection. In order to choose a topic, researchers must channelize a narrowed topic from a wide area of their research field. Wayscholar offers the foremost important and free service in the PhD topic selection service to assist scholars who need assistance in making the research in the right course of direction. Prior to providing scholars with thesis support, they may choose a good topic for their research. We take the time to understand their various personal, academic, and career preferences, while finalising the topic with good future scope and research significance.

The wrong topic choice may result in a false start. As a result, the researcher needs to be creative right now. The researcher should be well-versed in the field of study they have chosen, and they should be able to work with a university supervisor who is an authority of approval of research developments of the researcher in that field. A researcher can use our help with PhD thesis topics selection alone or in combination with our help with thesis or journal articles writing services.

At this important early stage of the research, our team of experts helps the scholar advertently. Our advisors are up to date on the most recent advancements in the scientific community. They assist scholars in selecting topics with research importance and feasibility that could be used as the research topic. The areas with strong research gaps are assessed to see if they match with the area of interest of the scholars, availability and accessibility of resources and the future scope for research.

PhD proposal writing

Preparing a PhD proposal is the second step of the research course, after finalizing the research topic. A research proposal consists of an introduction, literature review, problem statement, research objectives, hypothesis if required, methodology outline, course map, expected results and bibliography. Each of these components is crucial to presenting a thesis and demands careful consideration when writing a PhD proposal. The standard length of a thesis proposal, which serves as a concise outline of your research, is 8,000 words (30 pages). Writing the main points of your complete research in such brevity is difficult, which is why you need expert help.

With the right PhD proposal aid from a professional, you may create a unique proposal without much difficulty. Wayscholar gives help composing synopses to research academics since it recognises the value of the PhD proposal as a tool to draw attention to your work for conferences and journals. We prepare your synopsis or proposal in accordance with the standards of your university or organisation. We remain devoted to providing the highest quality services within the agreed-upon timeline and at reasonable costs.

PhD proposal writing
Research assistance services

Research assistance services

Wayscholar has helped more than 30,000 authors to publish their research findings in International peer-reviewed journals. Our service specialties include developing a manuscript from an implementation of a research methodology, editing your manuscript, formatting and submitting it to a selected journal, following up with journal editors regarding your submitted manuscript, and conducting a peer review of your manuscript. We help the researchers in all the following stages of the research.

  1. Designing a novel concept to fill the research gap and objectives as declared in the research proposal
  2. Developing the concept as an implementable methodology
  3. To implement the methodology in the appropriate research tools with adequate datasets
  4. To write manuscripts based on the implemented methodology and the acquired results
  5. Quality checking of the manuscript for grammatically free with appropriate scientific edits and mathematical evidences
  6. Formatting and typesetting of the manuscript as per the guidelines of journals and conference proceedings.
  7. Submitting the article to the journals that have within scope of research and periodical followup with the publisher for likely duration of decision on the manuscript
  8. Proofreading of the manuscript and the research articles before publishing of the accepted manuscripts

Most academics strive for publishing in international journals when it comes to article publication, because it increases their credibility. This necessitates adhering to various mandates established by individual publications as well as fulfilling international standards. Proper citations, accurate abstracts, flawless research technique, accurate data analysis, appropriate formatting, and error-free language are only a few of these requirements or criteria. It is challenging for a researcher to complete each of these compliances on their own. As a result, it is always advised that they seek assistance as soon as they feel uneasy addressing a manuscript development or publishing difficulty.

At Wayscholar, we provide specialists with years of expertise working with reputable publishers with support services for publishing research journal papers. As a result, our experts are aware of the high standards for publishing established by several journals in various fields of academia. Additionally, they are knowledgeable with the readership, impact factor, and preferred article types for each publication. When you seek out our mentors' guidance, they may support you all the way through the manuscript-writing process and on to publication.

We have helped our scholars to publish in reputed publishers such as IEEE, Elsevier, Springer, Taylor and Francis, Wiley, Emerald, etc. We have categorised the publication assistance as Scopus indexed publications, SCI indexed publications, Indexed publications and conference proceedings.

Research Implementation

Implementing the research methodology in the right tools is the evidence of the performance of the devised methodology. Our experts panel in MATLAB, Python, SPSS, Java, C++, NS2 help the researchers to implement their research methodologies and ideas for evaluation over the existing works. The categorization of tools and research domains are given below.

MATLAB/ Python
  • Machine learning and deep learning applications
  • Image processing and medical image processing
  • Signal processing
  • Bioinformatics
  • Biometrics
  • Data-driven techniques and its applications
  • Wireless communication systems
  • Power optimization techniques
  • Cloud resource management
  • Data mining with weka tools
  • Data warehousing
  • Grid computing and cloud computing
  • Big data with Hadoop
NS2/ NS3
  • Wireless sensor network
  • Mobile computing
  • Market research data
  • Entrepreneurship management
  • Employee and Human resource management
  • Social education management
  • Marketing research